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Master Planning

Delivering complex multi-element projects needs a tailored solution that can see the big picture whilst harnessing the multitude of smaller details. 

Master Planning is a great way to deliver these types of projects, but what is a master plan? We all see adverts for ‘master planned communities’ and the like it, but what does it all mean? This article will help you to understand the concept and to decide if this is right for your business.

A master plan is a long-term planning instrument that provides guidance to future development. A master plan ensures that all elements of a development relate in a manner that flows and links people and their environment. A master plan will include elements such as; site analysis, recommendations for suitable development, social, economic and political demographics and how these elements relate to land use. 

So, what does this process look like? A typical master planning process will develop as follows;

  1. Development of objectives – what do we want to achieve and why?
  2. Feasibility study – what is possible to achieve?
  3. Consultation and engagement with stakeholders – these are our objectives, what do you think?
  4. Develop the master plan vision – taking into account our objectives and the views of our stakeholders
  5. Master plan strategies – developing multiple strategies to deliver all the elements that make up your vision
  6. Physical and spatial study – surrounding development, available infrastructure services, transport, open space and recreational facilities
  7. Engagement – engage with community and stakeholders to discuss and seek feedback on vision and strategy. Encompass the feedback into the strategy
         before developing a program
  8.  The program – develop a program for delivery and staging of the projects that will deliver the vision
  9. Engagement and feedback cycle – continual engagement and feedback throughout the planning and delivery to guide delivery of the vision

A strong and robust plan will ensure the successful delivery of a complex program. If you would like to discuss your project or vision please contact the team at Simplx Group.

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