Life is better with a Programmed and Preventative Maintenance Schedule? It’s time!

What are Programmed and Preventive Maintenance, and what is its importance in projects? Programmed maintenance is an activity that you plan to perform. Preventative maintenance is regularly and routinely performed on assets to reduce the chances of failure and unplanned downtime. Depending on your project or asset need, it is essential to include programmed and preventive maintenance to ensure your assets and facilities have the longest possible lifecycle.

The alternative to programmed and preventive maintenance is reactive or corrective maintenance, which repairs assets to standard conditions after poor performance or breakdown. Reactive maintenance is also an essential part of all facilities management because asset failure is not evident in some instances. For example, after extreme weather events, roofing may fail; reactive maintenance allows for the resolution of these breakdowns.

What are the benefits of programmed/preventative maintenance? The benefits come down to the reliability of the asset over time. Maintaining an asset and keeping it in good operational condition makes it less likely to break down. A quality maintenance program allows for less time lost to repairs in the asset’s life cycle.

Due to less downtime on assets, Preventive maintenance is a popular system for many businesses, companies, and organisations. Programmed maintenance can change based on the individual asset. For example, as per a lease, a property may be required to be deep cleaned yearly, while it may require a roofing inspection on a bi-annual basis. Property managers can use maintenance checklists to create a framework for the programmed maintenance schedule.

While having ongoing preventive maintenance projects may endure costs, it results in less downtime to assets, which means your assets stay functional. While it is essential to schedule preventative maintenance, it is just as important not to overcapitalise on your program. Allowing too many resources in your preventative program, you will more than likely be wasting resources.

Preventive maintenance programs can be the best way to help reduce breakdowns, limit downtime, and improve asset lifespan. Start by identifying the critical assets that play the most vital role in your company’s day-to-day operation and are crucial to employee safety or compliance with standards. It is essential to understand what situations and assets will benefit the most. Once identified, you can then determine a potential source of failure so that property managers can create a maintenance checklist.

Once you have created the foundation, you will need the tools, processes, and people to execute the program correctly. To make this all possible, you could hire a facilities or asset management team with a proven history of completing asset management work. They can provide the professional knowledge you need to get the most out of your assets.

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