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Delivering Projects Successfully as we enter year 3 of COVID

Delivering projects in an environment where COVID-19 will affect your business means it’s time to level up your cavalry. Getting the proper support around you to deliver your projects successfully means you can continue to upgrade existing assets, roll out new sites and engage with new markets quicker.

The end-user of the asset, the customer, only ever sees the finished product, fully fitted, and it’s our responsibility as project managers to provide them with a polished product. Making informed decisions promptly is key to your success. Engaging with core experts who are trusted and reliable is more important than ever.

Focusing on the purpose of your project will mean that we can get the job done quickly. This is important to establish while onboarding every party with the same focus as new members join the team. We all want to get the latest business operating and get the community into the environments we establish. 

Once the project has begun, you want to ensure minimal disruptions to the impact on the completion date. Establishing expectations of your internal and external team members to own their health is paramount.  Being agile when issues arise allows all stakeholders to feel supported in the process.

Making an allowance upfront that COVID-19 will impact you is essential, and having a project manager by your side will provide comfort knowing risks are managed. To successfully manage all the different impacts COVID can have, contact the team at Simplx Group.

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