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If you have more than one site that you look after, you know that having a current and accurate data is critical to their active management. Depending on your industry your branches, centres, sites, outlets, and dispatch centres, are running every day of the year. Every day people are in these facilities and properties are being utilised. Having accurate records of your sites can save you time and hassle when something is in need of repair, or up for review.

Simplx Group uses modern reporting to provide you with data from physical inspections of your sites. Walk-throughs and measurements can be taken and include specific data like benchtops length, shelving space and the number of sunlights. No matter what is in the room, we can capture it. Once the data is captured, we can determine a plan to manage the different elements of your facility.

In industries like Aged Care, there is legislation that requires all providers to create and maintain an Asset Management Plan. The outcome of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety highlighted minimum practice. We can all learn from other industries and bring practice into our processes. This is especially important if you are in a care sectors like childcare, education, health, or anywhere people are being looked after.

Good governance and financial controls also determine that you should have an Asset Register to manage future capital expenditure. Let alone, your clients will notice if you are keeping your premises well looked after.

Once a quality Asset Register is developed we recommend this be followed up with an analysis of the assets and a plan be put in place for their active management.

Case Study

Our client asked us to go and complete asset reporting on over 50 of their sites. Once we developed the audit, we then analysed it to find the following:

  • 50% of the internal walls had not been painted since taking on the leases. We were able to provide how many sqm of the wall was required to be painted over their portfolio, for a packaged upgrade program.
  • 30% of kitchens we not useable by staff due to assets failing. By focusing and getting plumbers and maintenance teams to those sites, staff were able to get back to complete the core elements of their job.
  • 20% of gardens needed further landscaping, to bring them in line with the design guidelines of the client. By having a considered and streamlined approach, clients who attended multiple sites would be able to feel a similar experience at every site.

Property managers, financial controllers, and facilities managers, we recommend getting a high-quality overview of your assets so you can confirm the capital expenditure budget allocations are accurately focusing on the right areas for your assets.

Contact Simplx Group on for more information and a confidential free first discussion on the status of your Asset Management Plan. Further details about our Assets team can also be found here.

Staff member being able to complete their core task thanks to their facilities being maintained.

Keep track of what you’ve got! Asset Inspections and Management Plans.

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